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Cartoon free machine embroidery designs

A set of absolutely free embroidery designs. Available download without registering. Several popular formats - any embroidery design.
When choosing a embroidery design, consider its size. Dimensions, number of colors, stitches, find information on each free embroidery product page. Design is completely ready - transfer to embroidery machine, USB stick, software.

Cartoon machine embroidery designs for decorating children's clothing. A wide range of different embroidery motives  - sew creating projects. Widely used for various cartoon from baby's bib to a large quilt or blanket. Embroidery of type is cast by a small number of colors, simple shapes.
In constantly updated collection find the following motives;

  • chiens et chats,
  • African animals,
  • dinosaurs,
  • des oiseaux,
  • sysmylic species in one color
  • horses, animals farm,
  • fantastic creatures,
  • reptiles

Much more easily download in 1-3 minutes. Start download, don't need to register. Need to know type of enbroidery equipment - determines format, hoop parameters. Attention: most embroidery machines use 2-3 additional formats. Example: To apply embroidery on company frère brand - following extensions; DST, PEC, PHC.


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