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Gallery digitized finished projects

Customers digitizing  logotypes and machine embroidery designs can be custom digitized for any  embroidery application and distributions.. Denisov Embroidery Studio and our digitizing machie embroidery software (Wilcom, Tajima, Barudan, Punto, Sierra Embroidery Office, Compucon...) allows us to custom fit each items to your specifications and properties.

Here are a embroidery gallery of what we think are highest quality machine embroidery designs. Each piece is watched carefully to guarantee a embroidery design that will last and be noticed for years to come.

We would like help to create your personal style for you business. Please contact with our studio and get cheap price and high quality.

We using only NEW machine embroidery software.


Magnusson on
How can I purchase the Haukar logo?
Assistance on
No problem, please send request via Contact Us form.
brakeshou on
I would like to get a title digitized ....... MeMe's Sewing , embroidery & Crafts with a sewing form in background example
Chica55 on
i dont see the designs I submitted
Assistance on
Customer digitzing order submit here http://embroideres.com/customer-digitizing/customer-digitizing-service/custom-digitizing-order/
tsteinbecker on
If I have something digitized, what is the typical turnaround? I'd also like to buy the Cowboys logo - is that possible?
Assistance on
tsteinbecker -Yes
tsteinbecker on
Beautiful work - stitches our beautifully. Thank you so much.
200452 on
is it possible to buy the Rabbitohs logo
skastning1988 on
is it possible to buy the morgan sd logo and the black shirts logo
pphash on
How can I convert vp3 files into PESfiles?
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Dernières photos 

Toutes les photos avec nos motifs de broderie dans la galerie

Regardez un grand nombre de projets réels magnifiques et réussis avec notre travail. Vous pouvez nous utiliser des balises pour la recherche.

Coussin avec motif de broderie gratuit Chat à boire
coussin carré avec motif de broderie prairie d'été
Sac en coton avec motif de broderie machine elfe des neiges

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