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Custom digitizing order request a quote

Requesting a quote for contract embroidery digitizing and contract embroidery services is easy. However, because the nature of our business is customization, each quote is based upon your individual logo design and order requirements. It is important that all requested information be submitted. Digitizing costs not based on the size or number of stitches. We check only complexity of the design . Once the one-time payment for embroidery digitizing services is paid, you own the digitized machine embroidery design. You may order any size for ONE payment.

No additional payment for edit, change size, reduce numbers of colors.

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Before send request a quote, please register.

Design Name. Any.

Size: Please choose system - metric or imperial system.

Enter size. If you need more than one, please write this in comments block.

Stitches:  Approximate number of stitches would you like.

Output formats; Default - Tajima (dst)

Comments: Approximate number of colors in the logo you wish to be embroidered: Please provide any additional information you feel may be helpful for us in order to better understand your logo or embroidery requirements. Also, please use this space to send us any questions that you may have about your order or our customer digitizing or embroidery services.

Image: Please use the file attachment box at the bottom of the form to  upload the image file of the logo or design you would like to have digitized, preferably in JPEG,GIF,BMP, AI, CDR, PNG, EPS, PSD file formats.

Frequently asked questions about customer digitizing<

Question: Would this be exclusively for me or would it be available for others to purchase off your site?

Answer: Yes this designs create special only for customer.

Question  Combien de temps cela prendra-t-il?

Answer: 2-3 days maximum, if this design hard - 5 days.

Question  How will I know when it is done?

Answer: We send finished machine embroidery design to you e-mail (please check e-mail, when you register account.

Question: Do you accept Paypal

Answer. Yes.

Question:If the embroidery design smaller,  will it cheaper, or this thing not depend on it.

Answer: Yes. This is not depend it.  For one order we can send several sizes, without additional payment.

Avez-vous des questions ?  You can ask your questions, add photos, find out news here Embroidery digitizng community page.

Nos avantages:
Instant download design after paid
Over 14 embroidery formats
Motifs de broderie testés
Système de remise progressif
Several sizes with one payment
No VAT and FEE , we pay it.
Motifs de broderie gratuits en bonus supplémentaire

Dernières photos 

Toutes les photos avec nos motifs de broderie dans la galerie

Regardez un grand nombre de projets réels magnifiques et réussis avec notre travail. Vous pouvez nous utiliser des balises pour la recherche.

Coussin avec motif de broderie gratuit Chat à boire
coussin carré avec motif de broderie prairie d'été
Sac en coton avec motif de broderie machine elfe des neiges

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