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How to Earn Reward Points: Engage and Enjoy

Unlock Free Embroidery Designs with Reward Points: Your Gateway to Exclusive Craftsmanship

Embroidery enthusiasts, rejoice! Our store offers an innovative way to expand your collection of exquisite embroidery designs without spending a dime. By participating in our Reward Points program, you can unlock a treasure trove of free embroidery designs, specially curated in our exclusive 'Free with Purchase' catalog.

Reward Points: Your Ticket to Free Embroidery Designs

At the heart of our unique offering is the Reward Points system, a customer-centric approach that transforms your engagement with our store into valuable points. These points are more than just numbers; they are keys that unlock a world of free machine embroidery designs. For every 2.5 Reward Points you accumulate, equivalent to 1 USD, you gain access to a diverse range of designs that can add a touch of elegance and creativity to your embroidery projects.


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